[What's The Story] Fragrance Glory?

Every SCENT ID has a little back story that I'd like to share with you..... 

SCENT ID | MAVERICK - This candle scent is very special and unique to me because the memory that I associate with the smell actually came after I decided to use it for the brand. It was simply a damn good smelling candle named Candle 'A.'

As part of my process when developing candles and choosing the scents, I make a bunch of samples and burn them for days at a time to deem them worthy of public consumption. Around this time, my nephew Maverick, who at the time was 18 months old, was over hanging out and curiously roaming the living room. (He was new to the walking game at that time). Of course, our eyes are glued to him because we want to make sure he doesn't grab anything fragile or fall and hurt himself. Fast forward a few minutes, Maverick sees my Candle 'A' (unlit) and starts reaching for it. 

My initial reaction was to pull it away but I decided to see what would happen. Probably not the most responsible thing I could have done as an Uncle, but hey, his dad was right there sooooooooo......... Anyway, Maverick grabbed the candle and basically put his whole face into the opening and breathed deeply, making a snoring sound, 2 times then gently put the glass down on the coffee table. I thought it was hilarious at that time that he smelled the candle so aggresively but what made this even more memorable was that he took 3 steps to walk away then turned right around and 'snorted' the candle a few more times with his whole face in the opening. 

This is when I knew the scent was special and it would forever have to be know as MAVERICK since he was the one that gave the stamp of approval.

The Maverick candle has notes of Lime, Grapefruit, Rosewood & Herbal Greens. 

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SCENT ID | 191 SUTTER - 191 Sutter is an actual address to a hotel in San Francisco that my love and I stayed at after spending a weekend in Napa Valley. Interestingly enough, this weekend we spent together was actually our 3rd date. This date started off at a wedding with some of my closest friends so you know......the pressure was on!

With the success of being able to be around each other for 48 hours straight, we decided to treated ourselves with a night in San Francisco at the Galleria Park Hotel. This hotel had wonderful architecture, beautiful decor and of course smelled amazing inside.

You know how every hotel has a scent? Well, the Galleria Park had a very pleasant citrus smell that didn't overpower the nose. While searching for scents to add to the collection, I came across a blended oil that simply took me right back to that weekend. 

The 191 Sutter candle has notes of Orange, Jasmine, Neroli & Rose to make which gives you a nice citrus aroma with hints of flowers.

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SCENT ID | CHATSWORTH - This is the more "masculine" smelling candle in the collection. When I was 13 years old I would skateboard every single day. One of my favorite skate spots was a school names Chatsworth Elementary in Larchmont, New York. At this age, non-negotiable curfews were in effect but somehow my friends and I would find ways to stay out there until 11pm - 12am. This was clearly a breach of curfew but at this point, my friends and I thought we were grown men (The inspiration for the masculine scent and the name). hahahaha! 

The Chatsworth candle is carefully blended with oils that have notes of tobacco, cedarwood, moss & fir needle. This blend provides a strong, non-overpowering, pleasant aroma that always takes me back to the days when I was a kid thinking I was a grown man. (I finally told my parents that I broke curfew since they never caught me. I did this when I couldn't get in trouble anymore.)

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