Memories Are Priceless

Memories Are Priceless

Memories Through Experience Not Your Camera.

Have you been to a concert lately?! Everywhere you look someone is recording the concert like they are trying to bootleg it and sell it to people walking the streets of Manhattan in 1996. Camera phones are everywhere and that's the norm. Everyone takes photos and videos of their daily lives as if what they are capturing is going to add value to another persons life. Some of it does and we appreciate the creatives that put time and effort into creating value for people. The internet is loud and it feels like we have no choice but to perpetually be connected......But we do have a choice! The rest of this blog will be about disconnecting and creating memories through experience not through your camera.

How To Disconnect?

I believe that we have a natural tendency to look for acknowledgement from others. Acknowledgement that our lives are awesome. Being recognized because our outfit is next level epic. Who really cares though?! Do things that make you happy. It's your life that you're responsible for so why not make it amazing for you? To do this, we have to start being present and disconnecting even for short periods. It's a challenge but it is absolutely possible.

Some ways that I disconnect:

  • Put my phone on Do Not Disturb & leave in the other room
  • Turn on the Calm app and just close my eyes for 30 minutes
  • Read for 1-2 chapters
  • Hang out with my dog, Lily

My dog, Lily

The reason why I am writing this is because this mandatory quarantine due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I have been forced to find my center. Forced to focus on the now instead of thinking about the past and worrying about the future. Even with limited options, I have been able to create some great memories and 99% have not been recorded minus the sweet acting reel my girlfriend and I decided to shoot before dinner. Unfortunately, because of music licensing, I can't share this masterpiece here but feel free to follow me on Instagram:


Life never stops throwing curveballs at us and it is our responsibility to keep focused on our own personal happiness as well as building relationships with the ones we love. 

Stay safe everyone!

Joel Nolan